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10 foods people with gout should avoid

Gout is a disease that affects joints, causes long-lasting pain and can cause joint deformity if not treated properly.

Therefore, if you are suffering from gout, a proper diet and diet is very important, especially to avoid certain foods that can trigger gout pain or increase concentration. uric acidity in your body.

Gout hạn chế ăn gì

Foods to avoid for people with gout

Red meat

Although the purine content of red meat is not too high, red meat should be reduced or avoided altogether. Meats belonging to this heading include beef, goat, pork and poultry.

If you still want to eat meat, only eat the meat and eliminate the fat.

Thực phẩm hạn chế cho người bệnh gout

Animal organs

People with gout probably know, consuming too much animal organs can cause gout symptoms such as stiffness and difficulty moving.

Visceral content of purines should be kept away so that the condition does not get worse.

Certain vegetables

It turns out that there are vegetables that are not good for people with gout that not everyone knows. Some vegetables high in purines to avoid are spinach, peas, cauliflower, and mushrooms.

You can still consume the above vegetables, but in small amounts so as not to aggravate gout and its symptoms.


The high purine content in fish is also not good for people with gout. However, if you are a person who likes to eat fish, you can still choose some suitable fish such as: tuna, anchovies, mackerel and salmon. However, it should not be used too much.

gút kiêng ăn gì


Not only fish, other types of seafood are also classified as bad foods for people with gout. Some of these foods are crab, shellfish and fish roe that will make gout worse. This is because the purine content in seafood is quite high


Consuming too much sugar is not only dangerous for overall health, but especially for people with gout.

This is because consuming too much sugar can cause symptoms like rheumatism, causing pain and pain and prolonging the condition.

Soft drinks, bottled beverages high in sugar

Drinks like soft drinks and bottled juices have a lot of sugar. Not only does it aggravate gout symptoms like aches and pains, consuming too much sugar can cause other ailments like diabetes and obesity

Honey and syrup

Although great for overall health, honey is one of the foods you should avoid if you have gout. Honey and syrup are high in sugar and fructose.

Both of these ingredients are not good for gout sufferers as they can trigger gout symptoms.

For a healthier alternative for people with gout, you can take black honey as a natural herbal remedy.

Bệnh gout kiêng ăn gì

Fermented foods

Be aware that any yeast-containing foods are not good for people with gout. This is because the yeast contains purines.

Although the purine content is not as high as organ meats and other meats and seafood, gout sufferers should still avoid foods containing yeast as they can aggravate gout symptoms.

Especially if the uric acid concentration in the body is high enough.

Processed carbohydrates

People with gout should avoid carbohydrates that are processed into white bread, cakes, and cookies. The yeast content in bread and low nutrition can increase uric acid levels in the body.

For healthier choices, you can choose wholegrain bread that will be more nutritious, good for digestion, and good for your body. It is a list of foods that are on the taboo list for people with gout. To prevent uric acid from getting worse, let's live a healthy life and stay away from all the foods listed above!

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