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How to pack things into suitcases super fast when traveling

Today, the suitcase is an indispensable best friend in every trip and outing of many people. However, not everyone knows how to put things in a suitcase so that it is compact, ensuring to carry the most things without being cumbersome. In the following article, Breakthecuriosity will reveal to you tips on fully packing your suitcase to ensure a perfect trip.

How to pack things into the suitcase super fast

The way to put things into a neat, wrinkle-free suitcase is to arrange them in layers, each layer is clearly classified and has its own wrap for convenience of use.

Step 1: Put heavy objects on the bottom of the suitcase

First, you need to identify and separate items that are large and heavy, taking up a lot of space of suitcases such as shoes, cosmetic bags, cameras, ... For shoes, you should put them in bags. separate, lockable to prevent clothing and other objects from contaminating.

Cách xếp đồ vào vali siêu nhanh gọn

Alternatively, you can fold T-shirts, towels or some thin fabric on the bottom of the suitcase to create a cushion. Avoid impacting or shoving objects inside the suitcase. When folding towels and shirts, they should be curled up to optimize the space used.

Step 2: Arrange layers of pants, skirts, dresses

Pants, skirts or dresses are usually made of thick material. Therefore should be classified in the 2nd class of suitcases. You can stack them in the form of overlapping, overlapping to limit the situation of creasing and messy fabrics.

Besides, when you have packed all your clothes in the suitcase, use 1 plastic to cover to fix this layer of clothing as well as limit dust every time you open and close the suitcase.

Step 3: Organize your personal belongings and work equipment

Once you are finished lining up your clothes, you will begin to arrange your personal and working items to bring with you on your trip. These items should be kept in a separate plastic or plastic bag to provide better protection. Small boxes can be placed interwoven in small spaces of suitcases.

Step 4: The top layer is a shirt and things that are easy to crease

Xếp sơ mi và đồ dễ nhăn lên trên cùng

You need to arrange shirts or easily creased items on the top floor to avoid moving or much impact, causing wrinkles, fabric creases. If you are extra careful, you can put the shirt in small plastic bags for better fixing.

Tips to pack things into the suitcase quickly and quickly

How to put underwear in suitcase

To help keep bras still in shape and save space when folded into suitcases, you can stack bras on top of each other and then double them. Next, fold the petite underwear tucked inside the space between the folded bras. This helps to keep the cup full and round while keeping the shape.

How to fold shoes into suitcases

The shoes are quite bulky, so for the most compact, put them in your pocket and then put them along the sides of the suitcase. Or another way is to take advantage of bathing caps to store shoes. The bottom of the shower cap will catch all the sand under the shoe soles, you should put them on the bottom of the suitcase and stack other things up as usual.

How to fold T-shirt into suitcase

During each trip, everyone will bring at least a few t-shirts. Instead of folding your clothes as usual, roll them up in a circular cylinder to save space for your suitcase. The simple implementation is as follows:

Spread the T-shirt on the flat surface and then fold the hem ends up about 6-8cm.

Cách gấp cuộn áo phông để xếp vào vali

Then, fold the sides of the shirt into the middle to reduce the area of the shirt.
Roll the shirt from the bottom up and then flip the edge of the cage to the outside to keep the shirt in place.

How to put the jacket in the suitcase

The jacket is quite thick, wide and large, taking up the most space in the suitcase. However, just know how to fold neatly and you will reduce the size of the shirt easily. First, if the jacket is a hoodie, remove the hat and place it in front of it (in case it can be removed).

If it is a hoodie, fold the hat down on the shirt and roll it up. Fold the sides of the shirt in the middle, then turn the shirt over. Slowly roll the shirt in the direction from bottom to top until 6-10cm remains, then stop rolling. Fold the hem of the shirt upside down, then pull the hem over to prevent them from splitting.

Other notes when packing suitcases

  • Plan out what to take away and write it down. Then, classify them into groups to pack into suitcases as instructed above.
  • Only bring what is absolutely necessary.
  • Please bring with you a small handbag to store commonly used accessories such as charger, lipstick, glasses, wallet,…. both convenient and space-saving for suitcases.

During your travels, you will bring quite a lot of luggage. Hopefully the ways to put things into the suitcase shared above will help you quickly organize everything, ensuring a smooth trip.

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