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Should buy power bank that is good, quality and long-term use

Just struggling to know what to do every time the phone runs out of battery in an emergency. Power banks are the fire fighting method for your battery capacity. On the market today there are many models and brands of backup batteries from popular to high-end. But, which power bank is good, should buy the power bank that is suitable for your phone? Before choosing to buy a power bank, take a moment to consult through the experience of choosing quality, genuine backup charger through the following article.

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The secret to choosing a good backup charger

Carefully read all the specifications given on the battery pack.

To find out if this power bank is suitable for the phone you own or not, checking the power bank capacity and other specifications is an important first thing to do. Therefore, the technical parameters that you need to pay attention to such as: battery capacity (mAh), input and output current of the battery charger (A), input and output voltage (V).

Choose to buy based on the design of the power bank

The structure of the power bank and capacity are proportional to each other. A large capacity power bank will be a larger power bank and vice versa. Choosing based on the product's model is based on your needs. So, if you just want to buy a small, compact and portable power bank that suits the needs of traveling or working remotely, you should choose for yourself a smaller power bank but that's also means that your storage capacity will also be less. Depending on your work needs, you should buy genuine products that will help you use them for longer.

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Reputation comes from genuine power banks

Which power bank should I buy is not only because of the model, the capacity is also because of the product quality. Today's power banks have only 80% of the actual capacity printed on the package. If you choose to have a bad backup battery, the actual capacity is only 20-50% of the printed capacity on the label. To have a quality power bank, you should buy from reputable brands in the market. Some famous power banks are popular today such as: Anker backup charger, Pisen power bank, XiaoMi backup charger, Remax power bank charger, Mili Power backup charger, Energizer backup charger, ...

How to use the power bank to help use the long term

Choosing the correct power bank is an important first step to owning a good product. And the next step is to use the power bank properly to help you have a fast-charging device, durable, long-term use. Ways to use wired and wireless power banks to make your use more efficient:

cách sử dụng sạc dự phòng

  • When you first use it, you should use up the available battery when you first bought it. During the first charge, you should charge from 6-8 hours depending on the label's instructions. Continue using the same for the 2nd charge, until the 3rd charge you just need to charge until you see a full battery notification.
  • The next time you use it, you don't have to wait for the full capacity to charge. Should recharge your backup battery when the capacity is 1 bar to avoid battery bottle.
  • Use the correct cord for the device to be charged.
  • Discharge the battery every 3 months. Comes with storage in a dry place to help you extend battery life.

How to identify genuine backup chargers and fake

The high demand for backup chargers is a good opportunity for fake production facilities to reap the benefits. The following ways to help you distinguish genuine power banks and poor quality products. Check product quality before buying from the outer case to the internal details such as:

  • Box: Genuine goods are packed carefully, printed parameters are clear and have anti-counterfeiting stamps. The fake backup charger often has unattractive packaging, matte parameters and no anti-counterfeiting stamps.
  • Inside the box: After opening the box, a genuine power bank is wrapped with a plastic layer carefully. Meanwhile, fake backup chargers often do very rudimentary, only wrapped in a hard plastic layer.
  • Cable: The cable of the fake product is just an optical fiber. And the genuine charging cable has the brand name printed and is carefully wrapped in plastic.
  • Battery capacity indicator: genuine, clear, and fake, the display light is faint. You can distinguish this more easily when using low-light conditions.

sạc dự phòng hãng nào tốt

Power bank is not too strange product for today's smartphone users. However, not everyone should know which power bank is good for your phone device. Hopefully the above article has provided you with information on how to choose an effective backup.

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