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World of gadgets BT21 - The fever has not cooled down for young people

The world of BT21 appliances will help you transform your own space with more colors. Let's take a look, you will definitely "fall in love" with this super beautiful collection.

After nearly 2 years since its launch, so far, the "fever" of BT21 has not cooled down. Always be hunted for the unreasonable cuteness of these characters. Universtar BT21 is a sticker set created from the first collaboration project between Line Friends and BTS. BTS boys have designed each character with their own personality. The characters are Tata, RJ, Chimmy, Cooky, Shooky, Koya, Mang, and Van (representing the group).

đồ dùng BT21

At the end of 2017, the BT21 series was opened for sale in Korea. Thousands of people lined up waiting for their turn to buy. Even when BT21 landed in Japan and the US, the number of people waiting to buy has exceeded a staggering number. The long line of people, filling the whole road. Surely all A.R.M.Y want to own a product with characters labeled "Created by BTS".

đồ dùng BT21

Not only A.R.M.Y in particular and Kpop fans in general love. Even "passers-by" have to collapse in front of these cute and funny characters.

It is not too difficult to find yourself a piece of equipment with pictures of BT21. Let's take a look at these unique products!

Furniture BT21 for bed

A good night's sleep will bring you a fresh spirit every day. And the bed is an extremely important factor. So investing in it is not wasted at all. BT21 collection for extremely full bed. Completely able to accommodate you a bed that is both lovely and warm. With this colorful bedding, your room will be much more lively.

đồ dùng BT21

In addition, the pillows are designed so you can take them anywhere. Can be mentioned as 3in1 pillow covers, soft cushion or travel neck pillow. Besides pillows, there are also super cute BT21 stuffed animals with many different sizes.

đồ dùng BT21

Variety of vases and mugs collection

Admire the collection of mugs made from different materials. Diverse, unique and attractive designs. These lovely products are not only ordinary living utensils but also help you decorate the living space. You will feel your drink tastier if it is put in your favorite cup, right. So what are you thinking about without buying a super product that makes your friends admire.

đồ dùng BT21

Ornaments BT21

Decorate your own corner with cute and beautiful stickers. Your small corner will "transform" impressively thanks to the inexpensive stickers. Changing the look of a room will be surprisingly simple and quick. The types of hangers in the shape of BT21 characters are equally cute. They also have a very convenient use. Lively refreshing your own corner also improves your mood and activates your creativity!

đồ dùng BT21

Other home appliances BT21

The products designed with the image of Universtar BT21 are so diverse that it can surprise you. Talking about BT21 home appliances, it is true that it is impossible to tell them all. Even products made from the image of BT21 can accompany your daily life. You can also easily find other products such as dishes, cups, table lamps, clocks, towels, ...

đồ dùng BT21

The BT21 Supplies collection is more and more diverse as the number of advertisements for these characters is increasing rapidly. Even surpassed the number of BTS advertisements. Products printed with BT21 are so diverse that you can enjoy eating, sleeping, and playing with them. From souvenirs, stationery, home appliances, fashion to cosmetics and food. You can easily turn your "realm" into a super cute space with the appearance of BT21.

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